Dear Parishioners,

On behalf of the Parish Council, we would like to ask you, the faithful, a few questions regarding upcoming Advent and Christmas celebrations. Specifically, we are asking your opinion as we anticipate a significant increase in the number of parishioners over the course of the next eight weeks, and we will be gathering information to adjust the liturgical schedule in the greatest way possible.

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Since August of 1972, Sacred Heart Parish’s Saturday evening liturgy has been celebrated in English. Attendance at this Mass has dropped gradually and drastically over the years, and our most recent statistics show that the average number of participants is 35, 90% of which are Poles.

The two Polish Masses celebrated on Sunday have continued to be fully attended and our church continues to be at capacity. Because of restrictions enforced as a result of the pandemic, our church accommodates at 30% capacity while maintaining a two-meter distance between pews, always with a designated area for parishioners who are unable to wear masks because of health reasons. Given these statistics, following the government’s mandates – which Sacred Heart has always done since the enforcement of COVID-related protocols – means that a maximum of 150 people can attend each Mass.

Because of the parish’s limited capacity, right now, there is a group of parishioners in the parish hall watching a live broadcast of the Eucharist; at the 8:30 Mass, we have an average of 10 participants in the hall, and approximately 100 at 11:30. Thus, given the fact that 90% of parishioners at the English Saturday evening Mass are Poles, and the current overflow we are experiencing during Polish Sunday Masses, I would like to propose changing the Saturday evening Mass to Polish. This would allow more parishioners to participate in the actual church and because we anticipate this accommodating the influx of higher numbers during Advent and Christmas.

To gain your feedback in order to make the best possible decision, please fill out the survey below. It will be live until November 22.

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